About us

Atila Part Niroo was established in 2008 in Iran, to supply services in the field of Electrical Engineering. At first, the initial goal was the optimization and installation of Grounding systems in various industrial plants such as Oil, Gas, Power and Telecommunication. Therefore, the company primarily focused on the design and implementation of grounding systems and we did good and big projects.

Relying on its knowledge and experience, our Engineering team introduced a computational method to estimate the soil layers parameters such as thickness and resistivity by an evolutionary algorithm. This is a powerful and unique tool, which allows us to exactly calculate the grounding system parameters in multilayer soils.

After a while, it seemed that the Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) have a strong connection with grounding systems. Because every LPS system needs an earth termination. On the other hand, we found out that the LPS system is one of the most important needs of our clients. We discovered also, an effective protection system, complements with a Lightning Protection System and we started to work on the LPS systems.

Currently we are one of the distributors of the INGESCO in the world. The brand INGESCO® distinguishes from 1973 the quality and the leadership, being experts in the design and production of systems and devices for lightning protection and lightning prevention.

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We are continuously looking for new businesses in our professional field. At present, Diesel Generating systems are one of our activities. We supply the best quality and Original DG sets to our customers. Besides that, supplying of spare parts and usable materials is our commitment.

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