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Earthing Systems

A perfect Earthing (Grounding) System consists of earth electrodes, earth conductors, earth bus bars, connectors and other required accessories.
The main component of the Earthing system is the earth electrode. Earth electrode is a set of conductors (rods, wires,...) which are directly in contact with the soil, rock or ground constitutive materials. It establishes electrical connection between facilities, electrical installation and ground. So any kind of conductor which can establish an electrical connection with the earth, it can be considered a ground electrode.
The electrode according to the conditions of use and location can be installed in a horizontal conductor (wire, tape), sheet, vertical rod or a combination of these.
Electrode while providing low earth resistance, shall injection system fault currents into the earth without increasing the ground potential rise(GPR).


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Exothermic Welding System

Welding equipments

Welding molds and powders

Exothermic Welding System

Welding tool kits

Mold handgrip

wire to wire welding molds

Exothermic Welding System

wire to steel armature welding molds

wire to earth rod welding molds

Exothermic Welding System

wire to earth sheet welding mold

wire to wire/tape welding molds

wire to steel structure welding molds

Exothermic Welding System

tape to tape welding molds

Earth rods

Copper bonded steel earth rods

Hardened copper earth rods


Wire to wire connectors made of brass


Wire to steel structure clamps

Wire to metallic object clamps

Clamps+Inspection pit

Wire/Tape to earth rod clamp

C clamp

Concrete inspection pit

Busbare, bimetallic connectors, copper sheets

Copper bubare, disconnect-able

Copper sheets

Bimetallic lock washers

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