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Full protection of structures against lightning includes an external or primary protection as well as the internal or secondary protection. In addition, a prevention system can be used for protection and early prevention before occurrence of lightning.


External protection system is designed and installed to protect the external covering of structure against the direct strike. This system consists of a series of lightning rods (passive or active) down conductor and earthing systems and all its associated connections and accessories, shall be able to absorb and redirect high currents of lightning for a certain periods of time. According to different standards, external lightning protection system shall be able to conduct lightning current to the earth without causing defect due to electrodynamic forces,  with the lowest penetration into the structure.

With regard to external protection, two types of protection systems in different locations are common. According to the IEC 62305 standard, a lightning protection system is divided into three major parts: Air Termination, down conductor and the Earth Termination. These three parts exist in both type of protective systems. The only difference between the two types of protection, is the type and technology used in air termination (Lightning rod). To learn more about the external protection against lightning, please see the Lightning Protection Principles.

Important applications of lightning protection systems:
- Oil & gas installations, refineries, pumping stations, gas pressure increasing and reduction stations, oil and petroleum products storages, fuel stations,
- telecommunication sites and buildings, television antennas, mobile phone antennas, weather sites and computer sites
- All facilities and military sites, ammunition storages,
- power plants, substations, distribution and swithc yards
- Food, wood, paper and chemical products plants
- Public places, hospitals, facilities and ...

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