Active Lightning Protection Systems

A Lightning Protection System (LPS) must be designed and implemented so that all components and equipments within the area are covered by protection volume.

Standardized LPS consists of three general parts; Air Termination, Down Conductor and Earth Termination. In an Active Protection System, Lightning rod has an Early Emission component, which reacts against the Lightning. The Early Streamer Emission lightning rods are briefly called ESE. The norm NFC 17-102 as a reference standard describes the basic principles of active protection systems, design, installation and maintenance of the system. The most important parameter in an ESE is the activation time or Triggering Advance (Δ) and in accordance with the standard requirements cannot be greater than 60μs. According to NFC 17-102 standard, radius of protection of an ESE rod is achieved by the Δ, the level of protection required and the installation height.



PDC non-Electronic Lightning rod

PDC-E Electronic Lightning rod

ILT Lightning Tester


CDR-Universal CDR-11 Spark Gap PCS Card

Lightning Strike Counter


Lightning Strike Counter


Spark Gap VX-1

Current Peak Recorder

PCS Card




  • Head Mast Adapter Piece

This piece connects the air terminal to the mast.

Facilitates the connection of the head to the conducting network.

Available in two models: for connection to cable or rod conductive networks and for connection to 30x2mm tape conductive networks.

Complies with the requirements set forth in the standards:

EN 62.305
EN 50.164/1

Made of Cu/Zn alloy (brass).

Stainless steel hardware.



Test Box

  • Test joint in Box

Wall mounted grounding test joint, including a Cu/Zn alloy (brass) manual disconnection system and 160x118x75 mm PVC box, water resistant (IP 65).

Complies with the requirements set forth in the standards:

UNE 21.186
NFC 17.102
EN 50.164/1
EN 62.305

Specially made for 50 mm² cross section Cu cable down conductors.

Fittings also available for connection of 70 and 95 mm² cross section cables and for copper tape 30x2 mm down conductors.

Stainless steel hardware.

- Click to see inside pieces

- Download the Dimensions file

  • System Connectors and Accessories

Adaptor, Mast, ...

Adapters and saddles

Brass adapters for rods

wall mount saddle

Air terminal masts

Down conductor brackets

Wall mount Cable fastener

Tape fastener and clamp

Bonding clamp connectors

Conductor clamps

Mesh and T connection clamps

Cable to tape connectors

Cable to Cable Connectors

Cable lugs and connector clamps

Tin coated copper cable lugs

Cable to tube bonding connection

Wall mount tape fastener



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